Welcome to Edal Projects: Your Trusted Partner in Food Processing Automation


For over 27 years, Edal Projects has stood at the forefront of the food processing industry, serving as a leading design and manufacturing company for food processors and food processing equipment manufacturers. Our extensive expertise spans both liquid and dry processing systems, equipment, and automation solutions, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for your specific needs.



Confectionery and Bakery Industry

The confectionery and bakery industry demand a nuanced approach due to its unique challenges. Our dedicated team excels in crafting solutions that preserve the integrity of your products while enhancing efficiency and quality.


Meat and Fish Industry

In the realm of meat and fish processing, maintaining impeccable sanitary standards is paramount. Our product designs are meticulously tailored to meet the stringent requirements of meat, fish, and poultry processing, ensuring the utmost food safety and product integrity.


Fruits and Vegetables Industry

Fruits and vegetables, being inherently delicate, require careful handling and food-safe equipment. Our suite of cutting-edge automation solutions addresses food safety concerns and guarantees superior product quality throughout sorting, processing, and packaging stages.


Dairy Industries

Edal boasts a wealth of experience in the dairy industry, enabling us to deliver customized solutions that adhere to all industry regulations. From filling to packaging, we optimize and implement processes that meet your specific dairy production needs.


Frozen Food Industries

Our processing and packaging solutions for frozen products are meticulously engineered to consider factors like product temperatures, orientation, integrity, and line speeds, all aimed at preventing defrosting. Our equipment is designed to withstand low temperatures and ensures quick disassembly for efficient cleaning.


Pet Food Industries

Edal extends its expertise to the pet food sector, providing custom sanitary solutions to safeguard your customers' furry companions. Our commitment to food safety, sanitation, and efficiency is unwavering.


Dough and Bakery Industries

For more than 27 years, Edal has been a pioneer in automatic and robotic machines for the dough and baking industry. Our high-quality, reliable machines are tailored to deliver hygienic solutions that align precisely with each customer's unique requirements.

Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we embark on innovative journeys, developing, designing, and building solutions that streamline production processes while guaranteeing quality assurance. Edal Projects is your one-stop-shop supplier for all food processing and packaging needs, dedicated to enhancing food safety, sanitation, and efficiency, and ensuring a solid return on investment while reducing resource consumption.