About us

Edward Itzikson, chairman of the company, whose professional experience in industrial technology began to accumulate in the early 1970s, created an opportunity for himself that would allow him to create for his client's State-Of-The-Art machinery. Those that can be a part of everyday life, and for life.
when Eduard immigrated to Israel, he visited various factories and understood how to do what very few knew. Over time the understanding joined the courage and ambition and became, a seed for a brand that had set the standard for automation machinery for over 26 years. Today, Eduard Itzikson along with his son, Eli Itzikson CEO of Edal Projects, continue together in a legacy known as "Edal Projects".

The company, which was built over time in the industrial area of Kiryat Bialik, currently performs work as a custom "One-stop shop" turnkey solution. With the joint goal of a team of engineers and manufacturing workers who specialize in metalwork in a variety of technologies, we develop, design, and manufacture the most advanced automation and robotics machines in local production only.


What we believe in

● We believe that one should engage in what one enjoys in life and be the best in it.
● We believe that the best materials produce the best products.
● We believe that skill stems from passion and practice, whereas true prestige is not determined by a label or brand name on a bulletin board.
● We believe in exceptional product quality and efficiency.


Our commitment

From the idea to the completion of the project, the efforts, and expertise of our teams along with the best design and materials, is the base in every product of Edal Projects company. We proudly state that every product bearing the name of Edal Projects is designed and manufactured with great thought and high quality. We do not compromise on design, skill, materials, or technology, but combine the knowledge and experience accumulated in advanced machinery and the result is an exceptional and high-quality product.