Welcome to Edal Projects: Your Trusted Partner in Pharmaceutical Automation

For over 27 years, Edal Projects has been a pioneering force in the pharmaceutical industry, serving as a leading design and manufacturing company for pharmaceutical processors and equipment manufacturers. Our extensive expertise spans a wide range of pharmaceutical processes, equipment, and automation solutions, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions tailored to the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical sector.



Drug Manufacturing and Processing

The pharmaceutical industry demands precision and adherence to strict regulations. Edal Projects excels in crafting customized solutions that meet the highest standards in drug manufacturing and processing while ensuring efficiency and product quality.



Biotechnology and Life Sciences

In the realm of biotechnology and life sciences, our commitment to cutting-edge automation solutions is unwavering. We design and manufacture equipment that meets the unique requirements of biopharmaceutical production, ensuring utmost product safety and integrity.



Quality Control and Compliance

Ensuring the highest levels of quality control and regulatory compliance is at the core of our operations. Our solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical quality assurance and compliance with industry standards.



Packaging and Serialization

Pharmaceutical packaging and serialization are critical components of drug distribution. Edal Projects specializes in developing packaging automation solutions that adhere to the strictest serialization and traceability requirements, guaranteeing the integrity of your pharmaceutical products.



Cleanroom Technology

Maintaining a sterile environment is paramount in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our cleanroom technology solutions are meticulously engineered to meet the most stringent cleanroom standards, ensuring the highest levels of product purity and safety.



Pharmaceutical Research and Development (R&D)

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical R&D, we stand as your trusted partner. Edal Projects collaborates closely with pharmaceutical companies and startups to design and develop innovative automation solutions that accelerate research and development processes, optimizing efficiency and reducing time-to-market.



Efficiency, Quality, and Compliance Guaranteed

Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we embark on innovative journeys, developing, designing, and building automation solutions that streamline pharmaceutical processes while ensuring the highest levels of quality, compliance, and efficiency. Edal Projects is your one-stop-shop supplier for all your pharmaceutical processing and automation needs, dedicated to enhancing pharmaceutical safety, quality, and efficiency, while reducing resource consumption and time-to-market.