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Edal Projects has the experience and expertise to ensure that your production continues to run efficiently 365 days a year. Our maintenance professionals who offer 24/7 support have been trained in all types of production equipment.
In addition, every employee at Edal Projects is regularly briefed on food safety, GMP guidelines, and machinery safety.


Maintenance contract – daily, monthly, yearly

maintenance agreement offers all the benefits you can think.
It minimizes downtime and optimizes Mean Time to Repair by preventing maintenance. Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul operations are included within the scope of the agreement.

- We will schedule and execute maintenance by dedicated Edal core team
- On-call assistance
- engineer to coordinate all line maintenance activities
- spare parts for both scheduled and emergency breakdown.
- Emergency troubleshooting
- Diagnostic visits
- Technical visits
- Remote access


machinery Spare parts

We deliver superior quality parts with shorter lead times. Our parts are durable and can be installed whether on your machinery or in Edal machinery.
We constantly reassure our parts for quality and maximum performance.
Thoroughly tested analysis to your specifications/
Our superior team assesses, review and qualify parts daily. We use the finest raw materials for each part we install.


failure maintenance

Our support for failure team is always ready at your call.
Our engineers are at a reach of call for you to assess, review and design your existing or new part.
We will supply any type of spare part, assembly, and be there while you will test run it. 



Electrical and control maintenance

We will be there anytime you need to solve a problem.
Did you encounter a complex problem?
be assured that our extensive technical support team fix your machine.
First, we will perform root cause analysis and help you take remedial action, by phone, email, and also through advanced remote support solutions, such as:
- Remote video assistance
- Remote machine access via HMI, PLC, and other devices



Our research and development engineering team specialists have years of experience giving you the most accurate for you End-To-End solutions.

In-house engineering team uses the latest and most innovative CAD technology.
These capabilities help our team to plan accurate and optimal solutions according to the requirements and applications for each customer.
Our expert engineers and design team have decades of experience in designing, planning, and analyzing in any industrial type and in a hygienic environment in particular.
Each design is produced to meet or exceed the highest sanitary design guidelines.

Specialties of our engineering team:

- Development, design, and manufacturing TAILOR-MADE machinery
- Development, design, and manufacturing TAILOR-MADE products
- Machinery upgrade
- Line integration
- Projects Management
- Process Improvement
- Layout and P&ID
- Machinery safety standards
- Food safety standards
- Full lines and machinery Development and production
- Engineering consultation for startups
- Managing multi-disciplinary turn key projects
- Designing and manufacturing prototypes