Welcome to Edal Projects: Your Ammunition Automation Partner in the Defense Industry

With a legacy of over 28 years, Edal Projects has earned its place as a trusted authority in the defense industry, specializing in ammunition manufacturing automation. We understand the critical role that ammunition plays in ensuring national security and defense, and our expertise is dedicated to providing precision, reliability, and compliance with the highest industry standards.



Ammunition Manufacturing Expertise

In the defense industry, ammunition manufacturing demands unparalleled precision and adherence to stringent regulations. Edal Projects excels in designing and manufacturing custom automation solutions specifically tailored to the complex processes involved in ammunition production. Our goal is to ensure the consistent quality, reliability, and performance of ammunition for military and defense applications.



Advanced Ammunition Production

We specialize in advanced ammunition production, encompassing a wide range of ammunition types, from small arms cartridges to artillery shells. Our automation solutions are designed to optimize the manufacturing process, reduce production costs, enhance quality control, and accelerate the production of essential ammunition for defense forces.



Quality Control and Compliance

Edal Projects places a strong emphasis on quality control and regulatory compliance. We understand the critical importance of producing ammunition that meets the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our automation solutions are equipped with robust quality control mechanisms to ensure every round produced is of the highest quality and complies with strict industry regulations.



Innovation in Ammunition R&D

In the ever-evolving landscape of ammunition research and development (R&D), Edal Projects stands as your trusted partner. We work closely with defense organizations, ammunition manufacturers, and research institutions to develop innovative automation solutions that expedite R&D processes. Our aim is to enable the development of advanced ammunition technologies that provide a strategic edge to defense forces.



Ammunition Excellence

Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we embark on innovative journeys, creating automation solutions that enhance the efficiency and reliability of ammunition production. Edal Projects is your comprehensive source for ammunition manufacturing automation needs, dedicated to elevating the standards of ammunition quality, safety, and efficiency to meet the demands of the defense industry and ensure the security of nations.